The Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

If you’ve ever met an e-cigarette user, it’s likely that they’ve gone on and on about how happy they are with electronic cigarettes as opposed to traditional cigarettes. Rightfully so, electronic cigarette smokers have quite the reason to boast about their healthy smoking habits. There are so many benefits to going electronic over tobacco, but these are surely some of the best ones. These are five pros of electronic cigarettes that are hard to ignore.

Electronic Cigarettes Don’t Have Extra Toxins. Obviously, the e-cigarette is the healthier choice in comparison to tobacco cigarettes, but why? While traditional cigarettes are packed tightly with not only nicotine, but all sorts of chemicals and toxins, electronic cigarettes only contain nicotine. Nicotine, by itself, has not been proved to have any sort of harmful effect on the body in most cases.

Electronic Cigarettes are Less Offensive. Electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly more accepted in public areas than tobacco cigarettes are. Not only do electronic cigarettes lack a scent, making them difficult to detect by smell alone, but the vapor emitted from the cigarette evaporates quickly. This makes electronic cigarettes great alternatives to traditional cigarettes, which have a foul smell and tend to emit smoke that travels long distances and lingers for quite some time.

Electronic Cigarettes are Highly Customizable. Electronic cigarettes are also incredibly easy to customize. When you set out to purchase an e-cigarette, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose whether or not your cigarette contains nicotine. Also, you can choose the right amount of strength in nicotine for your taste. Being able to monitor the strength of the nicotine can even help those that are trying to kick the habit altogether by gradually lessening the nicotine strength over time.

Electronic Cigarettes Save Smokers Loads of Money. With electronic cigarettes coming in starter packs and being easily rechargeable, smokers can easily save hundreds of dollars a year by putting down the tobacco habit. The average pack of cigarette ranges from $5-$10. If you find yourself smoking one pack per day, it’s easy to see how much money is being wasted on disposable, unhealthy tobacco cigarettes in comparison to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes Don’t Produce a Smoker’s Cough, Yellow Teeth, or Stinky Clothes. Lastly, electronic cigarette smokers don’t have to worry about the less attractive qualities that tobacco cigarette smokers take on from their habit. Smoking tobacco cigarette leads to a hacking cough, yellow teeth, and clothing that reeks of smoke. Take the electronic approach and say goodbye to these turn-offs forever!